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What are proteins and how do they work?

Proteins are molecules made up of chains of amino acids, and they are necessary for all cells and organisms to survive. Proteins are responsible for catalyzing chemical reactions like digesting food, transporting substances across organs, pathogen clearing, recognizing signaling molecules, and much more within your body. In the human body alone, there are more than […]

The Seeds of Our Future: The Possibilities of Enzyme Engineering

Silicon Valley Forum’s AgTech Immersion Program and Conference on April 3rd-6th is just around the corner. Agriculture is an industry that is ripe for innovation—as the world’s population grows, smarter farms and sustainability are more important than ever. The search for AgTech innovation goes beyond Silicon Valley and even the US; to that end, our second annual AgTech Immersion Program and […]


Grapeless Wine And Cowless Milk: 60+ Synthetic Biology Startups In A Market Map

  Healthcare: This category includes companies applying synthetic biology techniques to the discovery of new pharmaceuticals, medical devices, or diagnostics. For example, Poseida Therapeutics uses gene editing techniques to develop treatments for multiple myeloma and prostate cancer, among other conditions. And Antheia is engineering yeast to turn glucose into opiods. Industrial Chemicals: These companies are developing novel […]


The Weird, Wild World of Biotech Startups

  Dog health. Low-fat chocolate. DNA archiving. Life sciences startups are growing more diverse, and a whole lot more polished. Biotech demo days have gotten swanky. Yesterday, the startup show-and-tell of a life sciences accelerator called IndieBio showed just how far young biotech companies have come from their roots as the geeky offshoots of academic […]


An Interview with Francia Navarrete Utreras of GEA Enzymes

Liquid Dark Chocolate Is Now a Reality. Photo: Francia (center) and the GEA Enzymes team. GEA Enzymes engineers designer enzymes. Their first application is in food, with enzymes which reduce saturated fat levels while maintaining consistent aroma, taste, and feel. This makes it possible for a substance like dark chocolate to obtain that rich, liquid consistency […]


Watch IndieBio Accelerator’s Demo Day Today

TechCrunch is pleased to bring you IndieBio’s Accelerator’s Demo Day today, February 9th at 3:00pm to 5:00pm PST Located in heart of San Francisco, IndieBio is the largest seed-stage biotech accelerator. Twice a year, IndieBio runs a 4-month accelerator. This year’s batch of companies is focused on Deep Science. The 14 companies, primarily led by scientists come […]